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Thom Harinck, Trainer of Champions

Gus F: I have seen some of your training videos. Your fighters always seem so relaxed and confident. They do not like to show off but when they see an  opening in the opponent's defense they attack immediately. How do you achieve  that level of self-confidence?
Thom Harinck: Of course, you have to train them on this, when they are ready for the ring they must be confident.
Gus F: It seems that your fighters have trained a little bit in grappling. Is  that true?
Thom Harinck: Chakuriki, my own style is complete with Judo wrestling and other techniques.
Gus F: You have a gift of finding young and promising athletes. What is it that  attracts your attention? A strong body? A strong character? Or do you just  pick tough guys?
Thom Harinck: Most of my fighters are boys who start in my gym as a little boy. Most of them have different capacities. I train them so that when they are ready for the fight, they are complete fighters. I mean, they must have a strong mind and a strong body. You need both if you want to be a good fighter.
Gus F: How many hours do your fighters train every day?
Thom Harinck: They  train hard 6 days a week, 3 hours during the morning and 1 1/2 hours every evening.
Gus F: Do they use weights?
Thom Harinck: Yes, for some boys I give a weight program.
Gus F: Do you think that Thais train harder than Europeans or Americans?
Thom Harinck: No! I trained in Thailand in 1974 for three months in different camps so I am sure that in Holland they train harder. I do not know about the USA.
Gus F: What do you think of the current "K" circuit? Any criticisms or  suggestions of the event?
Thom Harinck: Well, the money is good and everybody seems to be talking about it and that is a good point, but they have to be more neutral. These are international fights and they should not always be judged by Japanese people. They all  belong to Mr. Ishii's group and that is not good of course.
Gus F: The newest Martial Arts fashion is the current "Free fight Gala". What  do you think of these events? Obviously there is a huge risk for injuries that can bother a fighter for the rest of his life.
Thom Harinck: Free fights in Holland are in a very good level, with special rules, so there is not much risk like the cagefights in the USA or Japan. I prefer the muay thai or kickboxing style but we also train on Freefight. Only 25%  of my Chakuriki fighters  will train for these events.
Gus F: Thank you sir. FightingMaster.com will always support you and your  Chakuriki fighters.
Thom Harinck: Thank you, too. Visit my site  www.chakuriki.com  for more info!