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Royce Gracie exclusive interview.

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Gus: First of all I would like to thank you for this exclusive interview. Everybody knows that you are a Jujitsu expert. Is there any other martial art that you like?  

Royce: I also train in kickboxing, about 3 times a week and I already have a black belt in karate.

 Gus: Do you use weights in your training?

 Royce: Yes, I train with weights about 3 times a week.

 Gus: Most UFC fighters look tough and crazy. Should a NHB athlete be a sportsman and a gentleman?

 Royce: I think so; you do not have to have an attitude to be tough! That is why we have a ring: if you are tough you can prove it in the fight.

 Gus: Some people say that there is no such thing as being "ring-proven" and that true martial artists don't compete. What is your opinion?

 Royce: People that say that are the ones that cannot do it! I usually say that the belt covers only 2" of your ass;  you have to back up the rest of it, and you can train for it only in the ring or on the mat!

 Gus: What is the difference between training for self-defense and training for a full-contact sport?

Royce: Well this is a hard question; you see when it comes to self defense you are on the street and it is a lot different than fighting in the ring. In the ring you are prepared for the strategy, etc.; on the street you must be able to react instantly.

Gus: Some people say that NHB events will never be as popular as western boxing events. Tell us your opinion. What needs to be done to make them more popular?

Royce: We need to have more competitors with proper technique and make fights more interesting! The promoters should take out some of the rules; make it interesting and different from boxing. Now there are so many rules that itís so hard to fight. They should make the fights what they used to be.

Gus: Which is your favorite martial arts actor? Would you like to be in a movie with him?

Royce: I am talking to some people about maybe doing some movies, as for my favorite actors, I do like Nick Cage, Mel Gibson and others. I do not really know much about martial arts actors.

Gus: A lot of young athletes are very impressed by NHB events. Some of them may dream to become competitors. What is your advice to them?

Royce: Train hard but do not take steroids.

Gus: Tell us about your future plans.  

Royce: Well right now I am talking to Pride about a fight, and teaching seminars all over the world. In the next 6 months, I will be in over 8 countries around the world and in 14 states here in America . So I plan on doing what I love and teach JJ to everyone who wants to learn.

 Gus: Thank you very much! Our site will always be here to help you promote your work.

 Royce: Thank you too!