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Perry "Dynamite" Ubeda


Exclusive interview!!!


This interview is made possible by Don Clovis, ( Perry's manager).

Gus:  I recently saw a tape of a one of your seminars. You are a very good teacher. If you could give some advice to those who start training in kickboxing, what would it be?

Perry: Listening to your  trainer, and thinking about the reason that your teacher is teaching you these kinds of techniques.

Gus: When did you first start training in the Martial Arts?

Perry: During 1980-1981, I started with Kickboxing and Kempo ( I have a yellow belt).

Gus: Your high kicks are very effective. Did you train in any other style/s before you started fighting in kickboxing?

Perry: In the beginning I didn't like boxing at all and I used a lot of  kicks when I  fought. That’s why I use a lot of high kicks!

Gus: Why did you choose kickboxing? Is it just a matter of who is tougher or is it really an art?

Perry: No, it really is an Art!

Gus: Some people say that there is no such thing as being "ring-proven" and that true martial artists don't compete. What is your opinion? Is kickboxing effective on the street?

Perry: No Comments…BUT..a real martial artist is not allowed to use any martial arts techniques on the street! Kickboxing is a noble sport and should not be used for street fighting.

Gus: What is your present fight record?

Perry: 73 fights, 15 loses, 2 draws , 56 wins (32 by KO’s)

Gus: Who do you feel was the most influential person in your career?

Perry: My old trainer, Dick Veldhuis

Gus: Even a world class fighter like you gets injured in the legs sometimes. It must be real painful for a kickboxer after the end of the match. What method do you use to toughen your shins and make your kicks more powerful?

Perry: Just enough ice cubes on my shins and legs, and I usually  drink Bacardi -Coke for the pain

Gus: When did you have your first fight? Tell us about that first time...

Perry: I don’t really remember, I was about 10 years old…

Gus: Who was the toughest opponent/s you have ever met in the ring?

Perry: No one especially!

Gus: Do you think that Thai's train harder than Europeans or Americans?

Perry: Yes, for sure!

Gus: The newest Martial Arts fad is the current "Free fight Gala". What do you think of these events? Obviously there is a huge risk for injuries that can bother a fighter for the rest of his life.

Perry: Free-Fighting  is not as hard as kickboxing because Free-Fighters, are more free in their techniques both on the ground and on their feet. A kick boxer can only use a few techniques.

Gus: How do you feel about using elbows when you fight?

Perry: If  I  have to, I just use them.

Gus: What are your favorite fight techniques? Leg kicks or punches?

Perry: I’m an all round fighter. I use a lot of high kicks.

Gus: If you have one, who is your favorite fighter/s?

Perry: Bruce Lee, and Andre Brilleman

Gus: Did you make good money fighting? What do you think can be done to make kickboxing a better paying sport?

Perry: No we don’t  make a lot of  money on kickboxing…Showing more Kickboxing on TV would help a lot because  sponsors would be more interested in sponsoring the fighters.

Gus: Are you training other athletes?

Perry: Yes…my students.

Gus: Are you happy with everything you have achieved so far in this sport? Tell us your future plans...

Perry: I’ve got more titles than I wished when I was younger…