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Rodrigo Medeiros

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Gus F: Have you ever trained in non-martial arts sports?

D.S.: I was involved with High School football and track. I also played a partial season for a semi-pro football league.   

Gus F: Do you use weights in your training?

D.S.: Yes, I do an overall training system that I developed for myself, which is sport specific.   

Gus F: Royce Gracie said about you, that you are actually very down to Earth, a  very nice guy. He also said that if you had trained in jujitsu you  would  have beat everybody because you  are a natural born fighter.  What is your martial arts background?

D.S.: I have done Judo jujitsu, sambo, greco-roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling.

Gus F: Have you ever considered training in  traditional martial arts?

D.S.: I took a Judo class as a freshman in college, that's it!

Gus F: Most UFC fighters look tough and crazy. Should a NHB athlete be a sportsman  and a gentleman?

D.S.: I can only speak for myself. That is the way I will conduct myself but tough and crazy does sell tickets.   

Gus F: Some people say that there is no such thing as being "ring-proven" and that  true martial artists don't compete. What is your opinion?

D.S.: Ring-proven to me means that you have stepped into competition time and again with mostly positive results and I believe that there is such a thing as "ring-proven".  As for the "true martial artist not competing" statement,  I believe  that it is just a personal choice, one that each individual must make.  For example, there will come a time in my life when I will no longer compete but I will still be involved with the arts.  I don't think anyone will question if I am a true martial artist  because I am ring-proven! 

Gus F: What is the difference between training for self-defense and training for a  full contact sport?

D.S.: A full contact sport has rules, so you train according to the rules.  Self-defense has no rules so you have many more options but when it comes down to the training, they are the same.

Gus F: Some people say that NHB events will never be as popular as western boxing  events or professional wrestling. Tell us your opinion. What needs to be  done to make them more popular?

D.S.: The UFC proved that wrong in the beginning. There was a huge following,  but with the new rules and format it has become similar to a boxing or kick-boxing event.  There needs to be change again and that will take time and education.   

Gus F: A lot of people were very happy to see Royce Gracie lose! What is your  opinion?

D.S.: I don't have one on this subject.

Gus F: A lot of young athletes  are very impressed by NHB events. Some of them may  dream to compete in these events. A lot of them  may even  consider using  steroids. What is your advice to them?

D.S.: Steroids are only a crutch for those who don't believe in their ability!!!!!   

Gus F: Let's say that you are fighting against an opponent with kickboxing skills.  What would your strategy be? 

D.S.: Go after their weakness,  and force them into your strength.

Gus F: Tell us about your future plans...

D.S.: Developing  True competitors, and a True competition format.   And making the world aware of a new martial art / self-defense on the rise:  Severn Combat System !

Gus F: Thank you for this interview. Our site will always be here to support your efforts.

D.S.: Thank you too!

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