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Height: 6'2"
Weight: 250 lbs
Chest: 50", Waist: 37"
Hair: Brown, Eyes: Hazel
Home: Coldwater, MI

Official Website:

  Dan Severn has captured the attention of fight and wrestling fans all over the world since his 1994 debut in the Ultimate Fighting Championships [UFC]. Dan is known as "The Beast", a name given to him by Jim Brown during one of his many fights in the UFC. The native of Coldwater, Michigan has accepted all challengers in any no holds barred, or professional wrestling events. On May 17, 1996, Dan was crowned the UFC Superfight Champion in his home state of Michigan. He demolished "The World's Most Dangerous Man", Ken Shamrock to regain the title. Dan is the only triple crown UFC champion in the sport today. Severn has won two eight man tournaments and The Ultimate Ultimate 1996, which pitted champions and runner-ups against each another to determine the true champion of the sport.
In 1994, this distinguished athlete stepped into "The Octagon" for the first time. The octagon is a 6 high steel cage that is the focal point of the Ultimate Fighting Championships. The UFC is a no holds barred competition where athletes display their skills in a full contact event. This sport is the only event that pits athletes of different disciplines against one another. In the beginning there were few rules; no biting and no eye gouging. Through the years more rules have been added to the event to help the promoters work with the athletic commissions around the country. A bout is ended by a KO, TKO, athlete tap out, referee stoppage, or the towel being thrown. Severn easily established his place among the best fighters in the world with his awesome competitive fire to be the best.  


The only triple crown Ultimate Fighting Champion. Winner of UFC V 8-man tournament - the Ultimate Ultimate that pits tournament Champions and runner-ups in the best of the best 8 man tournament, UFC IX where Dan beat Ken Shamrock in front of a sold out crowd in his home state of MI.

World Extreme Super Heavyweight Champion. He defeated BJJ specialist Conan Silveira.

Continental Freefighting Alliance Super Heavyweight Champion. He remains the Champion after defeating Bart Vale and John Dixon.

Undefeated in Danger Zone single bout competition.

Severn has fought for many NHB and shootwrestling organizations including International Fighting Championship, Extreme Challenge, Future Brawl, United Shoot Wrestling Federation, Pride, U-Japan and a few Brazilian organizations.

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  In 1999, Dan joined forces with Becky Levi [the number one ranked female fighter in the world]. They created a Mixed Martial Arts promotion called The Danger Zone and currently showcase tremendous fight cards around the country. This promotion is geared around the amateur fighter to help develop a backbone to the sport. Professional bouts and amateur tournaments are all part of the Danger Zone.

With all the success and attention, Severn remains humble and down to earth. Dan has strong ties to the community in Coldwater, and is a good role model for children. His motto is "Not only do you need to build a strong body, but you must also build a strong mind to enhance it".