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France / Boerboel & Tosa Gym / Kickboxing

COUNTRY : France
DATE OF BIRTH : December 26, 1972
HEIGHT : 190 cm (6 ft 3 in)
WEIGHT : 120.0 kg (264 lbs)

K-1 Grand Prix '99 3rd Place
K-1 Grand Prix '95 Finalist
French & European Kickboxing Champion
I.S.K.A. World Superheavyweight Thaiboxing Champion
W.K.N. Thaiboxing Champion
K-1 World GP 2000 in Nagoya Champion

Kickboxing 39 Fights 32 Wins 6 Losses 1 Draw 25 KOs
Boxing 5 Fights 5 Wins 4 KOs


Jérôme Le Banner, (aka GERONIMO) was born, 1972, on Christmas Day, in a city named Le Havre, located in the province of Normandy, about 2 hours west of Paris. Jerome started training in  judo at the  age of 6 and continued until he was 14  then turned to Jeet Kune Do, being a fervent admirer of Bruce Lee.   This is how he  got his south paw guard, which he maintains till now, despite the fact that he is right handed. Basically he can adopt both sides, which may surprise his opponents. Remember in traditional Thaï style, they can switch from left to right guard, despite their favoring one side more. When you know about Jeet Kune Do, Bruce Lee’s style, it’s no wonder that Jerome built his own style, and eventually joined  Full Contact boxing competitions.
At the age of 18, he  disputed his first fight in Full Contact style. By age 20, he was already holding the belt (French title, ISKA federation). Soon after, he won the European belt against Stéphane Reveillon, and the Intercontinental belt, against Mike Bernardo, in South Africa. 

In 1998, he signed for Don King, Tyson’s manager, to fight in Thaï style and standard style, as well.

 Thanks to  Jean Paul MAILLET, Jerome was introduced in the house of K1, for the GRAND PRIX 95, which was a selection for the finals to be held at the end of the year. 
Jerome's mentor is  Bob, a Commander in the Navy. Bob helped Jerome  to get proper lessons in Thaï style. Together they  visited the CHAKURIKI, club of Peter Aerts and Branco Cicatic, Rob KAMAN’s gym or the VOS gym in the Netherlands.

Jerome's career is impressive. He is tall and strong as a bull. He has defeated legends like Ernesto Hoost and Rick Roufous.

  (Source: Capt. Bob- webmaster of  Jerome Le Banner the official website )