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Rodrigo Medeiros

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Gus: Why do they call you "the Dutch Lumberjack"?

Peter: The name "The Dutch Lumberjack" started in Aruba, when I fought Mark Russel. His trainer called me lumberjack and my father was also a professional lumberjack so I took the nickname.

Gus: I must confess that I am impressed by Dutch fighters. They are tough, fast and decisive. What do you think makes them such dangerous opponents?

Peter: I think we do have good fighters because we have got good schools and we have a big competition here in Holland.

Gus: When did you first start training in the Martial Arts?

Peter:  I didn't know anything about muay thai, when I started. I first went with a friend of mine who I played soccer with. He was a fighter of muay thai. I saw it and I started to train.

Gus: Who do you feel was the most influential person in your career?

Peter:  My father helped me the most in my career. He motivated me and took me everywhere for training.

Gus: Even a world class fighter like you gets injured in the legs sometimes. It must be real painful for a kickboxer after the end of the match. What method do you use to
toughen your shins and make your kicks more powerful?

Peter:  I make my shins more hard by kicking on a hard bag. I make my kicks harder by using power training and by kicking a lot.

Gus: Who was the toughest opponent/s you have ever met in the ring?

Peter: I had a lot of hard matches but I never refused any fights. I am a professional fighter.

Gus: How many times have you fought in Thailand?

Peter: I never fought in Thailand.

Gus: Do you think that Thais train harder than Europeans or Americans?

Peter: I don't think Thais train harder. They train different.

Gus: The newest Martial Arts fad is the current "Free fight Gala". What do you think of these events? Obviously there is too big of a risk for injuries that can bother a fighter for
the rest of his life.

Peter: I think free fight is o.k. It's a different game. But I think in our sport there are more injuries.

Gus: Are there any fighters from over here in North America who you think are good? Are there any fighters over here who you would like to fight?

Peter: I think there are a few good fighters like Michael McDonald , Smit ,Roufus e.t.c. I already fought a few of them.

Gus: How do you feel about using elbows when you fight?

Peter:  It is o.k. with me but the only problem is you get too many injuries.

Gus: What are your favorite fight techniques? Leg kicks or punches?

Peter:  My favorite technique is my right high kick. But I am an all-round fighter! I like to use everything.

Gus: If you have one, who's is your favorite fighter/s?

Peter:  My favorite fighter is George Foreman.

Gus: Do you make good money fighting? What do you think can be done to make kickboxing a better paying sport?

Peter:  My money is o.k. In order to make kickboxing a better paying sport we need less organizations, and good publicity on television and from the press.

Gus: What do you want to do after you retire? How about training other athletes?

Peter:  After the end of my career I want to do something for the sport. But I will always will train. Maybe I will start teaching.

Gus: Are you happy with everything you have achieved so far in this sport? Tell us your future plans...

Peter:  I think I did well in my career but I am still not satisfied. I want to continue for a few more years. As for my future I don't really know. But the most important for me, is the happiness of my family.