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Holland / Mejiro Gym / Kickboxing

Country: Holland

Date of birth : October 25, 1970

Height : 192 cm (6 ft, 4 in)

Weight : 109.1 kg (240 lbs)

I.K.B.F. World Heavyweight Champion - W.M.T.A World Muai Thai Heavyweight Champion
K-1 Grand Prix 94, 95, 98 champion

81 fights - 65 wins - 15 losses- 1 draw - 51 KOs

Webpage: www.peteraerts.com

At the age of six, Peter began to play soccer. He continued to do so until he reached the seventeenth year of his life. In 1983 he started to practice Tae-Kwon-Do for about two years.

His interest in boxing came at a very early stage of his life, because his grandfather as well as an uncle  were active in that field. Unfortunately,  his mother never allowed him to actually give in to that urge.

In 1984 he picked up Kickboxing anyway. He started training in "Judoka-Kickboxing" (Best, Holland) with Mekki Benazzous. After a year Peter fought his first match, and soon one victory succeeded the other. This resulted in his first world championship title when he was nineteen.

Peter then switched to another fight club: "Champs" in Einhoven, with Eddy Smulders, where he became world champion for the second time.

He also trained at another club ("Chakuriki") for about six years .

Chris Dolman first brought Peter to Japan in 1993. In 1994 Peter became K-1 Champion for the first time, and again in 1995 and 1998.

His current kickboxing teacher is Andre Mannaart of "Mejiro Gym" in Amsterdam.



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