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Rodrigo Medeiros

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    Material on this page has been provided by www.mixedmartialarts.com. This technique is part of a 600 page fighting manual. It is called The fighters notebook and  is one of the best books on the market.


Chapter: Attack from Guard
Move: Follow up to the Triangle

This move can be used when your opponent tries to block your attempted triangle choke and you can't get his arm across your body to apply the choke.
The first part of the move is done by puting your arm (right arm in this move)  across the jaw or the throat to create some space as shown.
Now reach up with your other hand and grab your ankle while still pressing your arm across your opponent's face.
Here you will want to reach under your calf with your right hand and pull down.
This is a closeup of the grip used in the previous picture. You will now want to put your left foot on his hip if it isn't already, and pivot to your right to try and wedge the blade of your right forearm under his jaw on the throat.
Now reapply  the lock with your feet.
This is a close up of the previous picture. Notice the grip slightly above the ankle to ensure tightness in the choke.


DISCLAIMER! Please note that these techniques should only be practiced with a trained or certified instructor. Failure to do these moves correctly could result in serious bodily injury or in some cases, death!