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Rodrigo Medeiros

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    Material on this page has been provided by  www.mixedmartialarts.com. This technique is part of a 600 page fighting manual. It is called The fighters notebook and is one of the best books on the market.

Move: Passing the far open guard

One key to passing the far Open Guard is distance. If you are too close...
...he can kick your knee solidly, hurting you, and hampering your ability to get inside.
If you are too far away, he can come up and you will have to take him down again, etc.
If you are too close, you want to at least keep your knee bent, and aimed squarely at him. This way you can take a hard kick without injury.
If you are too close or if your knee is locked, a kick can hyperextend or break it.
If your knee is sideways, his kick can tear the Medial Collateral ligaments of your knee.
When trying to get in, try to follow his foot in until you are in close. When this happens, he can no longer kick your legs or groin effectively. He will have to kick high. Keep crowding him and wait for him to kick at your head.
Keep your hips in but the rest of your body more out of reach. If he kicks with his inside leg, step around it  it and...
...get to the side.
If he kicks with his outside leg, step around it  it, and...
...stun or finish him with any number of leg locks or...
strikes or...
establish side control. ENJOY!

DISCLAIMER! Please note that these techniques should only be practiced with a trained or certified instructor. Failure to do these moves correctly could result in serious bodily injury or in some cases, death!