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Rodrigo Medeiros

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    Material on this page has been provided by www.mixedmartialarts.com. This technique is part of a 600 page fighting manual. It is called The fighters notebook and is one of the best books on the market.

Move: Flying Triangle choke

This move begins from a high tie up.
With the hand grabbing his tricep, reach around his arm from the inside and...
...wrap around his upper arm.
Pop him forward by stepping back and pulling on his trapped arm in a hooking fashion.
Instantly turn back into him, grabbing him behind the head.
Jump up, swinging your outer leg around his head.
Let the momentum of your jump pull you around and...
...downward. The arc of your body will swing your shin across his back, pulling him down.
Land on your shoulders, still holding him with both arms and your leg.
Make a figure four with your legs.
Raise your hips to clear his arm across your body.
Finish with a Triangle choke.
This should not be tried on the street or in competition unless you are a master at this move! It could get you seriously hurt.

This move can be found on page A-40 in the Fighter's Notebook.

DISCLAIMER! Please note that these techniques should only be practiced with a trained or certified instructor. Failure to do these moves correctly could result in serious bodily injury or in some cases, death!