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Fighting Choreography: Jackie Chan vs. Samo Hung


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There are three kinds of fighting styles in Jackie’s films. The first is the classic kung fu he used in his first movies. The other is Jackie’s personal fighting style that can be seen in the movies he choreographed like “Police Story” and “Armour of God.” He rarely fights one on one; he is alone against a lot of opponents, he gets beaten a lot and runs throughout the fights. He uses the environment to his advantage and throws objects against his foes. Jackie developed this style of fighting by watching classic black and white comedies with Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and others. This is his trademark. However there is another “Jackie” out there.

Samo and Jackie in "Project A".

Samo Hung is Jackie’s alter ego. He is his friend and some kind of a big brother. Although they argue sometimes, Jackie respects him. Samo Hung as a stunt director and fight choreographer has created some of the most unforgettable fighting scenes ever created. His style can be described as mixed martial arts with grappling, kick boxing and furious kicks. Also when Samo directs, you get to see Jackie fighting one on one.
Don’t get me wrong, Jackie is a great stuntman and choreographer but Samo Hung along with Woo Ping (The Matrix) are the best fight choreographers that ever existed.


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